Walk In Shower In Place of Bathtub

bathroom Reno before

finished bathroom Renovation

We are doing many of these walk in shower pans to replace a traditional bathtub. In makes washing so much easier as our population gets older. We can do this with a standard fiberglass pan, or a custom tile base with waterproof(Schluter) membrane.

We want to help with your bathroom renovation project. Our Bathroom Renovation Prices start at $5500 for labour for a new bathroom. This includes demolition, replacing bathroom fan, mirrors, lights, drywall around the shower area, new diverters, glass, cabinets, and paint.

All work done by certified plumbers and yes we carry 2 million liability insurance or greater. We have a 2 year warranty on all labour.

We will help with your material purchases and local deliveries as well. Generally if you are wanting a nice bathroom with builder quality products that are readily available the cost of materials will be as such.
Standard Glass $400
Custom Glass $1500
Mirror $150
Toilet $250
Vanity & Counter $250
Tile $ 3sqft to $10 for mosaics
Fan $250
Dierters $250- 500
Faucet $150
Handle set $100
These prices are estimated prices and vary depending on the size of the bathroom. We can go over everything on your wish list to make sure we are on budget and bringing you the best bathroom for the price. We have wholesalers who supply us and our customers with absolutely great prices.

Paint, drywall, and setting materials are all included in the labour Portion.

All work done for your Bathroom Renovations by Licensed Plumbers & Electricians. All our sub trades carry work safe and have liability insurance as do we. Be safe and get trusted professionals to do your bathroom. Most bathroom are done within one to two weeks from start to finish.