Bathroom Renovations Coquitlam

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Walk In Shower In Place of Bathtub We are doing many of these walk in shower pans to replace a traditional bathtub. In makes washing so much easier as our population gets older. We can do this with a standard fiberglass pan, or a custom tile base with waterproof(Schluter) membrane. We want to help with your bathroom renovation project. Our Bathroom Renovation Prices start at $5500 for labour for a new bathroom. This includes demolition,...

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Bathroom Renovation Vancouver

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Sometimes our customers just want a nice tile to be installed. In many cases the tub is in great condition and a new set of tiles is just what they want to match the rest of the renovation that have been done around the home. No matter what size of bathroom remodel project our team is ready for your remodel project. We love what we do and you will too. We know that we can help find all the parts and match the designs you specify to make your...

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Burnaby Bathroom Renovation Contractors

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We offer complete bathroom renovations from $5000 on labour. We can supply all materials as well at discounted prices from select wholesalers as well. Our prices form complete bathroom renovations are very competitive and usually done within just one week from start to finish. We use only licensed plumbers for our installations of tubs and all water fixtures. Day 1. Demo bathroom Day 2. Install tub or pan and shower diverter. Tape all corners....

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Burnaby Bathroom

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Burnaby Bathroom Remodel When you are looking for a quality bathroom renovation then look no further than here. We are a hands on company that offers 30+ years of construction and renovation services. We only use certified licensed plumbers and electricians. We have tile setters and drywallers that will work on new construction and in your family home. We take pride in our work and our relationships with our customers. Our bathroom renovation...

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Getting to Our Customers

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At Bathroom Remodel we are about getting our customers the most for their renovation dollars. We want to get our customers the best return on their investment. Getting to our customers is very important and can be costly. Going with the inexpensive Search Engine Optimization company Industry Army Marketing was the wisest choice for our Marketing dollars. I.AMarketing offers a ten dollar a month SEO package that works. With as many sites to get...

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